Monthly Archives: May 2017

Sublime pop.

I like baroque pop.

It’s heyday certainly was a good fifty years ago, but the innocense of that eras pop stills puts a smile on my face.

Mmm… Zombies.

So, what’s this baroque pop then, you may ask?

Well, think of relentless smiling, classical music kinda chords, puffy shirts, strings, neverending reverb and Phil Spector, and there you have it.

Still, nothing quite characterizes the genre better than one, simple word:

Harpsichord. If it’s got harpsichord, it’s baroque pop.

So, IN A CLOUD HOUSE has got harpsichord, therefore it has to be baroque pop.

Loopy loop.

That’s right, there’s some looping going on…

Then struck a nasty case of writers block, so I decided to listen some music.

Four minutes and fourteen seconds later I was feeling very mellow, but I was still short of words. RADIOMONGER sounded pretty good though.

Remake part 3.

Whoever said old geezer can’t learn new tricks? You were wrong buddy boy! I found some new music to listen & enjoy!

Ok, the music in question isn’t exactly the hottest new stuff out there… And it really is an American-born Mexican composer Conlon Nancarrow. And to be precise, the stuff is his works for player piano.

I deeply recommend NC’s “Studies 1 to 51” for all of you brave individuals out there. That stuff is not for the faint of heart.

The funny thing is that, I’ve actually composed a few pieces similar to Nancarrow’s without realising it. “Inside the Cube” is one of those.

And now, INSIDE THE CUBE is the computerized version of it.

Prepare yourself.


Well, FRIENDAS BOOGIE isn’t really blues. It’s more like – whad’ya know – boogie.

Any boogie out there isn’t complete without some woogie. That’d be like Laurel without Hardy, fireball without fork, ice cream without liverwurst.

But hey, boogie woogie’s got swinging 8’s and this specimen doesn’t.

So, what we’ve got here is some kind of boogie woogie. Maybe add an obligatory Star Wars reference?

Not on my watch.

1st of may, hello!

Oh you great Goddess of spring, can you please keep the pollen to a minimum.

Oh you supreme being with your lovely black eyes. Let there be snow & rain, and the mixture of those two. (Like yesterday, that was neat)


Oh you! In your infinite wisdom let it be so.

Accept my humble offering, you strong and just… super being.

Let the BELLS OF SPRING ring-a-ding.