Monthly Archives: October 2014 founded!

I hereby proudly present thee a brand new site for all your musical needs. The price for a piece that’s on this site is, and will always be 0 dollars, euros, pounds and rubles.

You gotta start somewhere. The start in this case is 50 pieces of music, at least two in each of the 16 genres.

16 genres that should cover the whole globe and history of music?

Well, no. That should just give you an idea of what I’m about to do. Stuff from ambience to rock, with jazz in the middle. And there’s always the genre ”unique”, which I added as a backup for songs that are completely uncategorizable. And believe me, my brain hurt real bad, when I tried to limit and simplify those genres…

I will be adding new songs on a regular basis. This might vary a bit, depending whether I’m working on a short and simple tune or a long and complicated opera. Let’s just say that I will be updating the site once a week.

I hope you enjoy and find use for my stuff.