Monthly Archives: March 2024

Music -> Food – > ?.

We got guitar-free guitar pop. We got folk music with noticeable absence of strumming. We got electronic no-body music without any electronic instruments.

Quite recently we added anti-shred metal music to this list. (The culinary equivalent of it would be vegan haggis)

((That stuff is delicious!))

So, I think it’s time for jazz without “real” instruments, because PICATZU is NES-jazz. (Its culinary equivalent is licorice pipe)

((That stuff is also delicious!))

As a side note, the idea of licorice pipe is pretty silly… So 1900’s!… Imagine if there was like candy shaped like gun… or chocolate that has alcohol inside it…

Oh wait…

Plains, Lakes & Nothing More.

Something we didn’t already have: Music for brass septet! (septet = a group of seven people playing music together in shared space, or on Z00m)

Historically, these kind of combos often played military music. You know, marches, fanfares & music suitable for running away really quickly. There is also a good bunch of chamber music written specifically for B7. Even Jean S. – Gene Simmons’ musically gifted older brother – wrote some.

MID WESTERN is more light-hearted than militaristic. In fact I’d call it optimistic and adventurous, and maybe slightly American-sounding.

American-sounding? What the heck is that?

I don’t know, man. It’s just the feeling.

Get a Grip.

January is snowy. February is short.

April fools no one. May is made of pollen. In June the moon beam goes through the prune. July is hot, time to slack, August gets us back on the track.

September is wet. October is wet & scary. November is wet & dark (& little scary).

December is an old man slowly inching his way to the oasis.

Yes, I skipped March, because couldn’t think of anything. C’mon March, show some personality!

Nothing to do with TENSIFY. You can’t always win. Not even every time.