Monthly Archives: June 2019

Escape from the campfire.

Sometimes is enjoy making weird music, which (almost) sole purpose is to be weird. THRASHEADS is one of those tunes.

It starts off with some industrial machine sounds that, along with the pretty discreet beat, slowly start to make sense.

That sense is pretty, pretty senseless but hey…

…hey, it’s one of the recurring themes in this site: Keeping balance.

After last weeks nice & neat guitar oriented music, I thought we could use some nasty burping and beeping.

Working title: Strump.

Now we’re actually getting for the summer holiday type of stuff!

OAK SONG is a jolly good strumming (hence the title) kind of folk song, with no lyrics and considerable amount of country & western elements.

On the other hand, there’s very little urban & eastern influences.


Suitable for campfires, in case you have a spare saxophone player in the tool shed.


Fun little coincidence here:

– 3.33 is the duration ROCK THEY BONES plays when you press the play button with your eyes closed.

– It also happened to be the 333th tune I’ve produced under the very famous kongano brand.

That’s pretty good considering that this site started with 50 individual pieces of music!

– Oh yeah, 333 is also halfway to 666! Let’s see if we can make it that far.

Third the first.

Summer is here!

Sweat, ice cream & things that buzz and scare the bejesus out of me.

Thinking of doing a long walk on the beach but ending up binge-watching Fletnix. Not chilling because you don’t have an air conditioner.

Losing your sunglasses in the commuter train & having a tough time getting to a store to buy new ones. Within a week, lose the new ones as well.

People going bonkers over the heat, which they try to cure by having a beach party with ice tea, volley ball and reggae.

Everyone’s happy and tanned and young and restless and happy and sh…

So, for the sake of keeping things balanced MISSOURI GHOST STORY.

Louisiana was already taken.