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– Hello, my good sir or madame. How are you in this glorious monday morning?

– Why thank you for asking my dear friend. How can I feel anything but splendid. Refreshing breeze, nice birds and I suppose the sun is out there as well. How about you, my dear mayor-admiral?

– Feeling nimble as an otter in the spring. Bowel is functioning and brain isn’t farting. Couldn’t complain less if I tried! How are your lovely toes doing?

– All sticking together in a perfect harmony. How about your beautiful bellybutton?

– Fine, fine. And your hair?

– Not falling off. Your mind?

– Clear as a pale moonlight during the Samhain.

– Ha-ha-haa!

– Ho-ho-hoo!

Feeling good?


Now enjoy OLEVA.

A time for everything.

Do you remember the thing from your childhood when your playing was abruptly interrupted by your parents, telling you it was your bedtime? Just when the play was so much fun and you weren’t tired at all and who needs to sleep anyway.

“But moo-om”.

That’s what I was going after with PASTIME BEDTIME BEST TIME.

Do you know the feeling nowdays when your internet browsing is abruptly interrupted by “that voice inside you”, telling you to go to bed? Just when there’s a particulary funny cat video or interesting article about barnacles going on.

“But I’m an adult. I can stay awake as long as I like”.

That would be something like, “Turn off the computer and go to bed you big dummy me”.

But not yet.

Ancient days, so many ways.

Todays world music extravaganza takes us to a bazaar in the year, well, a very long time ago.

What you see is like an explosion of colours and smells to your face.

There are slippers, scarves, all kinds of clothing. There are hypnotic tapestries and masterfully crafted rugs.

There’s jewelry, beads and pendants made of amber, amethyst and fools gold, all of which are much more expensive than they’re actually worth.

Indian tricksters make peoples jaws drop with their rope trick. Old snake charmer & his pet gather an excited crowd, whereas a lonely SOAPSTONE VENDOR seems to have a very quiet day.

There are miniature idols, calabashes and pots & pans. There’s pottery from Macedonia, spices from Khitai and beaver cheese from Venezuela…

Ok, now I remembered the scene in “The Thief of Bagdad” (1940), where the heroes are having pancakes with honey.

I’d really like some pancakes with honey!