Monthly Archives: September 2018

Halloween is early this year.

MARCH OF THE DEAD. Sometimes a title is worth a thousand pictures.

What I imagined here is skeletons. (Hence the title)

Whether they’re tied to a galley or just casually rambling on, I think they’re not doing so hot.

In fact, skeletons are never doing fine or bad or anything, because they have no brains, feelings or free will. They are merely tools of a powerful being, who’s magically controlling them. Puppets of the Master.

Also, because our skinny friends have no internal organs, muscles or central nervous system, they wouldn’t be able to move without some sort of energy source. In this case – most likely – magic.

Just like zombies.

No, no and no. Zombie apocalypses are not caused by quickly spreading viruses. They’re caused by necromancers.

Those dang, mean megalomaniacs. Always threatening the mankind with their fancy spells and stuff.


A while ago I talked about kongano lacking in the waltz department. Since then, I’ve added a few of those danceable buggers.

Lack of waltzes is no more!

Fun stuff.

Our waltzzy specimen of today is a jazzier one. OH BANANA OIL is also a quote from a very mediocre comedy “The Babe”. (Not the piggy movie, but the baseball one)

When I first heard the line I was like what the fluff, and I had to rewatch the scene to make sure what I heard was right.

And now I know.

That scene (as well as my personal wtf) alone made the movie mediocre, instead of just plain bad.


Just the other day I was listening to Sonic’s Rendezvous Band. Great stuff! Obscure garage-action rock from the 70’s.

Then I got to thinking Foo Fighters, probably the most popular rock band of the 2000’s, so far.

Although the differences between the Sonic’s and the Foo’s are obvious – 30+ years gap for instance – the basic formula of the bands is mutual:

Rockin’ that rocky rock. Simple as that.

So, is the basic formula of rock invariable?

Beats me. I just twang my guitar and hope that my fingers somehow, accidentally find something that pleases my ears.

Or is that the basic principle of rock?

I suppose some things are best left untouched. No need to explain everything. Trust your instincts, man.

By the way, you know who POPOLON is? Why he’s Aphrodites hubby of course.