Monthly Archives: September 2018


A while ago I talked about kongano lacking in the waltz department. Since then, I’ve added a few of those danceable buggers.

Lack of waltzes is no more!

Fun stuff.

Our waltzzy specimen of today is a jazzier one. OH BANANA OIL is also a quote from a very mediocre comedy “The Babe”. (Not the piggy movie, but the baseball one)

When I first heard the line I was like what the fluff, and I had to rewatch the scene to make sure what I heard was right.

And now I know.

That scene (as well as my personal wtf) alone made the movie mediocre, instead of just plain bad.


Just the other day I was listening to Sonic’s Rendezvous Band. Great stuff! Obscure garage-action rock from the 70’s.

Then I got to thinking Foo Fighters, probably the most popular rock band of the 2000’s, so far.

Although the differences between the Sonic’s and the Foo’s are obvious – 30+ years gap for instance – the basic formula of the bands is mutual:

Rockin’ that rocky rock. Simple as that.

So, is the basic formula of rock invariable?

Beats me. I just twang my guitar and hope that my fingers somehow, accidentally find something that pleases my ears.

Or is that the basic principle of rock?

I suppose some things are best left untouched. No need to explain everything. Trust your instincts, man.

By the way, you know who POPOLON is? Why he’s Aphrodites hubby of course.