Monthly Archives: December 2017

This one’s gonna be early or late…

…or early. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Now, let’s talk about minimalism.

Minimalism is the little things. The little, quick things, and lots of ’em.

Their sole purpose is to do their magic, and weave a complex texture of bigger things. And those bigger things – let’s just call ’em “bigger things” – correnspondingly start to build new textures – that’s right – “even bigger things”.

When you add all these ever developing formations together, you get a piece of music, in this case NOVOCTO DE.

The magic of minimalism is that, if you compare the beginning and the end of the tune, you’ll find that they’re quite different from each other. And you were never supposed to notice how the tune was constantly changing.

The magic of minimalism.

Actually no. The math of minimalism would be closer to the truth.

(As a sidenote, this sort of music would be suitable for a TV-program about the exciting world of psychiatry. “It’s the mind”, you know.)

Also, merry!

The blog that left me & you hanging.

The sabre of the word was not very sharp today, my friends. Therefore I present a few options I had, of what to talk about.

1) Once upon a time there was a lonely guitar riff… (Been there, done that)

2) Nes-chiptune-tunes should be a genre of their own. Like for instance compared to C64 chiptune-tunes (Meh)

3) Writing poppy melody to a song that’s in weird time signature (No need to point out the obvious)

4) 9TH FACE. (Approved!!!)

But still greeting.

Now hey, this one was supposed to be released in the autumn, a couple of months ago. That fall sure was a quick one.

That didn’t sound right.

Would “how time flies when you’re consuming it”, be better?

Or “how time slips through your fingers when you’re not holding it properly”?

Ok, they’re getting worse.

Also, I’ve heard that mixing British & American English is a huge faux pas. Luckily I don’t care about that. Phew.

NO SEASONS FALL in autumn pop. It’s melancholic & yet quite light, and just like that (poof), it’s gone.