Monthly Archives: December 2015

Ending the year with a blast.

There’s no better time to put out STAR SURGE SPACE PURGE than at the brink of new year. ‘Cos we got excitement, cool trajectories & colorful explosions!

It’s got some vocoder, which is always fun. The lyrics may be a bit difficult to hear. I went after a nice burbing sound, rather than a clean pronunciation. So, here’s some clues about the lyrics:

There’s 4 words being sung. 3 out of 4 words start with a letter S.

Got it?


Happy new year.

More relaxin’ moe.

Theremin is an instrument which is strongly associated with spooky soundscapes:

Sounds of thunder & lightning followed by a very threatening orchestral bang. When opening credits and the movies title “The revenge of the curse” roll in, so does the theremin. All in black & white, of course.

Yet there is another way. This time the way leads, instead of a haunted house or a mad scientists lab, for the path to enlightment.

About the title HARIS CIDNEE… You know the feeling when you wake up in the morning and a pair of – apparently – nonsensical words are swirling in your brain?

Seemingly boring things.

Montage is a fine word. Rolls right off your tongue.

I also kinda like junction.

My favourite in english language is definately spatula. In about four hours I’ll be cooking onions, red peppers & miscellaneous vegetables, and doing some spatuling.

Before that, I gotta do the laundry, stretch and walk the dog if I had one.


Summer surprise.

For a person that doesn’t particulary like reggae, I seem to deal with that kind of rhythms surprisingly often.

Not that I particulary dislike reggae… It’s just that, it’s the same groove and mood all over again… You know… One song is fine, two is meh and three’s way too many.

Anywaaay, only slightly annoying, semi-reggae of the day: SUMMER CAMP TALENT SHOW.