Monthly Archives: January 2016

It keeps on going.

Today let’s take a peek of a category “it’s supposed to be ethnic, but because I’m not an expert of traditional Arabic music, I just do something and hope that it’s gonna be allright”.

A little déjà-vu here.

The spark for the tune came from a book titled “Salt: A World History ” by Mark Kurlansky. A great friggin book! Salt rocks!

From the dawn of civilization: SALT ROAD. Yeah, you know what I’m referring to… How original!

Misheard profit rules.

Subject Alpha

Genre: Heavy duty rock metal
Era: Early 1980’s
Overall mood: Drivin’ fast straight forward
Working title: Drivin’ fast

Subject Beta

Build drumtrack. Quality cardboard box kit.
Do your best Dee Dee Ramone impression with a bass.
Add guitar with very dry Marshall amp sounds. Double ’em.
“Hmm, the texture isn’t quite as thick as I was hoping.”
Add some organ.
Smile relentlessly.

Subject 1.0

Do some soloing. Pinch those harmonics like you’ve never pinched ’em before!
Polish, finish, mix, master, etc.
Get sad when reading about Lemmy’s voyage to a different plane of existance.
Name the tune as IRON ROBIN.
Have a nice cup of tea. Lemon & ginger.