Monthly Archives: May 2020

Comes & goes.

– Soundweave
– Odd combo of assorted brass & woodwinds
– Each instrument shall only play one note
– Notes are to be long & smooth
– D/Ab
– Let’s see what other chords we shall find
– Make the tune “breathe”

These ingredients = DAb CONGLOMERATION

I slipped the “one note only”-rule a bit. You know, for artistic reasons. The trombone felt like having it’s moment in the limelight.

It wasn’t me.

And then we went all LoFi.

GHOST TRAIN twists & turns. It’s mobile and solid and just keeps on going.

At this point of writing this, I started wondering why ghosts? Why not just a normal train with steam engine, coal and lots of noise & smoke?

Well, I did watch the old Disney cartoon “Lonesome Ghosts” back then. I didn’t realise this until now.

This is how monkey brain works I guess.

So, some spooky – or spoopy – mechanical surf rock for ye.


We got names.

We got happenings, comfortable & dangerous. We got places to actually be in and places in the darkest corners of your mind. We got time.

We got colours, we got feelings and we got a condition that makes you wanna dance.

We got intentions, both good & not so.

We got numbers & we got sequels.

We got anagrams, we got word play and we got onomatopoeia.

We got memories, we got headache, we got double & triple entendres and we got something that’s quite absurd & abstract.

We got humans & we got dwarves.

Voila, now we also got GNOMES.

Coming up: Elves, orcs, dragonkin, lizardmen, pixies, skaven etc.