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Who’s Your Favourite Barry?

Not much to say about HOLD YOUR HORSES BARRY. It’s very straight-forward stuff all the way. It’s got a simple four chord pattern going on and… yeah. That’s about it.

About the title… I don’t know man, sometimes words just want to be connected to a piece of music.

Barry who? Well, all I can say it’s not Levinson, White or Gibb.

Hmm, now that I listened the tune first time after producing it, it really sounds like “a artisan”-type of work. Building variety from simplicity, rotating melody between instruments and so on.

Also, this was the second time I’ve successfully used the phrase “hold your horses” in a proper context!

Oh yeah, mine’s Corbin.

I Confess.

Ok, so… Just listen the first sound you’ll hear in AVARUUS.

Get it?

If not, also listen the first sound you’ll hear in “Echoes” by Pink Floyd.

Now you get it.

That’s the only similarity between those tunes.

I’m off to watch Floyd’s Live At Pompeii.


The following took place a few months ago:

I woke up particularly early. That happens at times. Had some coffee, read some bad news, you know the usual stuff. Then I started working on a tune, which idea & main riff came to me in a subway the day before.

First I prepared the project by creating tracks, adding instruments & plugins. Then I programmed some drums, that’d make a fine background for the next step: Finding a suitable bass sound and making a rough demo recording with it.

Playing the bass is pretty physical action. Especially if you’re playing some gritty punk rock stuff. So, after I found a lovely bass sound, I started punching the strings. The recording ended about 15 seconds later because I bursted into laughter, after accidentally noticing the time: It was 8.05 in the morning, and I was already doing the midnight punk massacre mood!

Anyway, the title PUMP ACTION refers to the process of beating the bass with a fury.

? = Pew Pew.

… yeah…

Two weeks ago I talked about how weird it is that we have things like licorice pipes, alcohol infused chocolate and candy guns. (See previous post)

Well, a few days ago I bought a can of beer that had a picture of a comic book character.

Iron Man? Medieval Laureline? Cousin Fethry?

Nope. Our beer salesman was none other that everybody’s favourite pirate puncher, The Phantom! (Just göögle “Mustanaamio olut” if you wanna see evidence)

Haven’t tasted it yet. Will probably be 5/5.

The Phantom carries around some automatic handguns. Therefore PISTOL PUSH.

Next week, more gun related (but completely harmless) music.