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There’s only a handful of guitar players of who you can say that there’s before and after him/her. Or I guess you can say it about anyone, but that’d be just silly.

Anyway, there’s definately before and after Jimi Hendrix. And I’m sure that most of you out there agree. That “hendrisque” style of playing is just as relevant today as it was fifty years ago. And difficult.

Plus, hendrisque is a nice sounding word. Like pythonesque or dalisque.

Anyway 2, NEVER RUNNING W is konganesque interpretation of hendrisque guitar playing.


Unlike in many other cases, in jazz, mainstream isn’t a derogatory term. It’s perfectly legit to describe something as mainstream jazz.

So, here we go: IVES GOT CLASS is mainstream jazz!

Overall it’s a pretty basic tune, with coolness and hip and all.

And remember folks: “Jazz is not dead it just smells funny.”