Monthly Archives: November 2020

Kewl schatz.

I thought I’d call SO CAN OFF “easy listening jazz-music”, but that term immediately gave me heartburn.

How about “LoFi jazz ecstasy”?

Too pompous.

What about “Elevator jazz extravaganza”?


Got it! Let’s call it “Secret Code Oriented jazzy jazz-music”.


Remake Part Epsilon.

Great, another remake! How original.

To my defence, SILENT SHADOWS is not really a remake. I just clicked it in the music editing software, casted a few carefully chosen spells and then made the whole thing louder.

The tune was originally the soundtrack for a short silent film-like comedy skit. I found the music sheets recently and thought, what the heck, let’s just recycle the piece.

I think I still have the original recording somewhere… on a MiniDisc…

Remember those? Yesterdays future of the passed past!

Fast oompah.

…and after light comes thrash metal. Simple, uncompromising thrash metal. Maybe speed.

(As a sidenote, I remember seeing an interview with Philty Animal “Taylor” talking about different genres of heavy rock music… I couldn’t find it, but it was glorious! The man was not a big fan of categorizing music…)

Like rat poison, RAT POISON serves only one function: To rock on!

Or, to metal on… I doesn’t sound as good though… And, of course:

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed during the producing of this tune, nor does playing it cause any kind of harm to any living being.

I don’t think any music has ever harmed animals. Or maybe Billy Ray Cyrus. Or The Shaggs. But I’m certain that, most music has never caused any kind of physical or mental pain or distress for any being, that may be considered living.