Monthly Archives: May 2016


Ok, here’s another tune that almost got lost on my hard drive.

In a true garage blues fashion, there’s only guitar & drums in AUBURN NEVER KNOWS. And what they do is rock on, baby!

The occasionally appearing, seemingly appropriate noise is octaver, trying to figure out which way go to next. Love that sound!

Far out.

Sad makeup on a clown is like a loose finger on top of a birthday cake. Scary and quite unnecessary.

The effect on that face is major and minor (maybe diminished) chord both trying to gain dominance. The eternal struggle between orienting the toilet paper roll over or under.

ROYAL DANCE OF THE ORANGUTAN is light background music for a circus or a carnival. You know, a fellow with a moustache like a mountain bandit playing calliope, frightening German tourists.

Also apes and people with cotton candy heads.


I’ve been wanting to make some proper finnish music for a long time. There really were three options of how to approach the situation:

– Very minimalistic (and maybe animalistic) stuff for a kantele and a pair of rocks
– Acoustic folksy stuff in the saddest possible key
– Humppa

As I chose to go along with the latter, I now present thee GOBI DESERT HUMPPA.

The desert in question might not be the most finnish thing ever, but hey, I’ve had worse song titles.