Monthly Archives: August 2015

The neighbouring song.

My songs surprisingly often come in pairs. You know, you just involuntarily end up making two tunes that share the same qualities. Stupid self-plagiarist!

ABANDONED is definately kin to my previous tune “Zone”, found in the ambience section. And like it’s predecessor it’s about abandoned buildings. Hotels, schools, factories, just common houses.

Dust, burned books, collapsed ceilings, dripping water, plants taking over… Those who’ve seen Tarkovskys “Stalker” and played “Fallout 3” know the drill.

Completely unnecessary fact of the day: Although I recorded this one quite recently, I originally wrote this one on a sheet of paper during my last christmas holiday. Some X-mas music, huh?

Son of the week of the shorts.

Without further ado, the next brood of SHORTS:

“Those little quick ones” is only what is promised in the songs description. Well, I guess it can also be described as zappaesque. The title is a citation from the fellow.

“Xandu bamaha”s whole idea is a one long fade-in. The colors of the pallet are all cosmic, glittering, star-screaming, space-loving keyboards. It’s like, like ever expanding universe!

“Glimpse of darifoo” is a short passage from my unfinished work, that I was working on a good ten years ago. Boo hoo for that, but at least I got something out of it.


Bluster and not.

And then we’re off to the jazzy world of jazziness. Todays songs specific genre within jazz would be third stream. It borrows elements and instruments normally associated with western classical music.

I really like how instruments as bass clarinet and alto flute blend in with more conventional jazz brass.

IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER is one of my favourite movie quotes, and sounds very much of a jazz tune title. You know like, “It don’t mean a thing”, “It’s easy to remember” or “It’s a hippity-hop bebop”.

I only made up the last one.

Stupidly clever.

IN DREAMS THEY DANCEs work was in progress for months.

The very first idea for the guitar part came to me when I was tuning my guitar. I didn’t think of it as a serious idea though, mainly because as every guitarist out there can tell, the guitar picking pattern is about the dumbest imaginable: The most obvious thing you can play with harmonics.

Anyway, the riff kept coming back to me and I slowly started to appreciate its naivety.

So I recorded the stupid part with a steel string acoustic guitar and doubled it with a nylon one. After that the song really wrote itself. The flute doing the melody and a bit of mellotron.

Pretty cute little tune it turned out to be.