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Working title: Hackman vs. McQueen.

1970s movie soundtracks are great. At the time funk was hip and jazz elements hasn’t completely been eliminated from (American) mainstream film scores. Jazz & funk, brass & Rhodes piano, fancy chords & wah-wah, all of ’em matches made in heaven.

These elements are mostly evident in countless awesome blaxploitation movies. Coffy, Foxy Brown and Shaft, just to name a few.

70S THRILLS got its inspiration from car chases, mean fistfights, flamboyant pimps, ruthless pushers and overall badassery of those movies.


The poppiest kind of pop music is almost always predominantly vocal oriented. Therefore making a RnB instrumental can be challenging because well, you can’t get a synthesizer to sound like Beyoncé. But still you gotta have a melody.

My solution in DARK PINK was to take the vocal melody playing in my head, and turn it to a simplified and synthesized form. Like there was any alternatives…

’Nuff said. Some RnB for you!

Remake part 1.

I’ve tried to resist the urge to remake some of my own top hits, the songs that I’ve made way before this site. Yes, I’ve tried and a few times failed miserably. BRIDE OF THE PSYGNOSIS is a result of such a failure.

I originally made the song in the mid 90s on dads Macintosh, which was at the time the leading force on computer music. I tell you, it was a heck of a nostalgia trip to put this together.

Whether the tune is any good as a remake, well, I guess I’m the only human capable of being the judge. Unless someone has infiltrated my apartment, found the dusty old floppy discs from my drawer and managed to find an antique mac and all the additional hardware to run it with.

Lost Halloween.

Yes, I completely missed Halloween. No scary music for you. Gotta start preparing for the next years event.

I thought that after hallowed times you might need something non-scary to keep life in balance. The tune is titled ”Bubbly happy”, and it can be found in HERE.