Monthly Archives: September 2020


… Yeah, yeah, yeah, a while ago I had a lot of wisdom teeth related issues… but nobody wants to hear about that, so shut it mister! That’s not interesting.

What is more interesting, is the change on how I view this particular tune.

What I remembered being a very basic and harmless piece of chiptune hiphop, sounded now much more than that. More deep, emotional, and it felt like the tune had a story to tell.

Dang. Happy dang that is!

Lost: 4 teeth of wisdom.

Gained: 1 pretty nifty TOOTH OF WISDOM.

Fair deal.

Birds watching me.

Why is it always (and by saying always, I mean for the 2nd time) when I’m constructing a piano piece, little birds come and chill with me on the yard?

That’s cool, I guess.

Also, my yard isn’t neither front- nor backyard. It’s a midyard.

Midyard in Midgard.

No, the birds I talked with were no puffins, but common house sparrows. Despite that: PUFFINS TALE.

Because they are sympathetic little guys.

Threatening growl.

What I had in mind was alternative rock. Maybe heavy, but still more rock than metal.

Two cups of King’s X, sprinkle of Soundgarden, dose of Nirvana and some vanilla extract.

Then there’s the one chord that instantly reminds me about Weezer. The good days of Weezer.

DEATHLY MEOW. You’ll get it.

Divide & conquer.

Autodidacticism. Now there’s a word, you even have to stare endlessly for it to look silly.

Auto – dida – ctic – ism.

No. Let’s try that again:

Auto – did – act – icism.

Still no good. (“Auto did activism” would be great though)

Auto – did – act – ici – sm.


AUTODIA. Fixed it for you.