Monthly Archives: January 2015

Music of open spaces.

Sometimes it’s the tinest of things that give a song the finishing touch. PRAIRIE IS CALM was already completed, when I started messing with reverbs (which I normally use very sparingly).

Small room echo, maybe some more. What about a huge one? Canyon, big cave or arena one


Let the soothening begin.

Week of the shorts.

It’s time to put out some shorties. This time three of ’em. Naturally they can be found in SHORTS.

”Yesterdays news of the future” is a theme song for a fictional news report or current affairs television program. I was aiming for a contemporary mood but delicious DX7-sounds forced me to go all retro.

”T.M.Q.” stands for a thrash metal quickie. And that’s about everything I’ve got to say about this one. Playing this kind of guitars always gives me blisters…

”Oh the joy & inevitable fail” is a remake of a tune I made years ago for a short film. A very short. The film had a grown-up getting excitedly to a swing -> swinging wildly -> jumping off -> hurting his foot and limping away.

I’ll be releasing these short ones every once in a while, a few at the time.


I’m the first one to admit that I’m often guilty of stuffing my songs full of stuff. ”Gotta have the 3rd and 4th part, not too much repeats and perhaps another accompanying melody. And Rhodes piano. And a solo part…” And so on.

I genuinely think that less isn’t more, more is more. No matter what kind of music are we dealing with. In this context more doesn’t necessary mean a tune proceeding rapidly from part to part, tons of instruments or overall complexity and lenght. It just means more great sounds, more exciting events and more fun.

Anyway, in YUSNYO I tried to be as minimalistic as possible. You know, make those exciting events to appear in a bigger picture. Since it is a drum ’n bass kind of a tune, there’s mostly, you got it, drums and basses. And some additional percussion. And synthesizers. And Rhodes piano.

Dang it.

Yep, it’s monday.

ELEFLY was originally titled ”The funeral of the elephant and the fly”. Don’t ask. I dropped the funeralistic part from the title, because the final cut was lacking all kinds of negative feelings usually linked with funerals.

The vocal parts was kindly provided by my sister. So thanks a bunch, T!