The following took place a few months ago:

I woke up particularly early. That happens at times. Had some coffee, read some bad news, you know the usual stuff. Then I started working on a tune, which idea & main riff came to me in a subway the day before.

First I prepared the project by creating tracks, adding instruments & plugins. Then I programmed some drums, that’d make a fine background for the next step: Finding a suitable bass sound and making a rough demo recording with it.

Playing the bass is pretty physical action. Especially if you’re playing some gritty punk rock stuff. So, after I found a lovely bass sound, I started punching the strings. The recording ended about 15 seconds later because I bursted into laughter, after accidentally noticing the time: It was 8.05 in the morning, and I was already doing the midnight punk massacre mood!

Anyway, the title PUMP ACTION refers to the process of beating the bass with a fury.