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Traditional special musical point of the year Part 2: The Halloween!

Yay, it’s almost time for everyone’s favourite pagan ritual day, that has been compressed into a mindless celebration of consuming & gluttony.

I tell you no lies, I always find it fun to make these scary bits.

SPOOKY BOOGIE rides the line between “Critters” (1986) and “Beetlejuice” (1988). So, what we’ve got here is something, nooot really that scary.

Horror movies have really got significantly better recently. 90’s and early 00’s was such a miserable time with endless serial criminals & self-awareness & stuff.

Now go watch “Suspiria” (2018) if you have the guts or “One Cut Of The Dead” (2017) if you want to laugh out loud.

They’ll be the ones to have your guts…

(Might have used this joke already)

FRUITS AND BERRIES was the first tune I produced after my summer break. As is customary in such a point in composers life, I decided to go very easy.

So, nothing fancy here, just some happy-happy orchestral stuff, starring a slightly sneezy clarinet. Afterwards I had some watermelon. That’s why.


Omg, so funny! I’m laughing so hard, I’m literally crying!


The weirdest thing happened to me:

I worked on a tune in the evening. The time of the day was exceptional, yes, because I usually work in the morning or during the day, but that was not the point here.

Anyway, it was getting late, and I thought not to push forward and force the production for completion. A good nights sleep might even give me a new perspective of the job. Well rested ears are better ears. So I slept, woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, got my two cups of coffee and continued working with the tune.

You can only imagine my surprise, when I found out that the tune was finished during the night! And I swear, I did not raise my finger while sleeping. I may have rolled over a couple of times and maybe snored, but I repeat, I did not work!

Weird, huh?

Not Balkanese edible nor a ski mask: CUBLAVA.

The legal stuff is a joke.

We got these nice musical traditions here in Kongano, which all take place during the fall.

The second one we’ll get to later this month, while the third one is up at the beginning of december. Can you guess what I might be referring to?

This first seasonal piece of music is not as, should I say, well-established as the the ones I mentioned before. What I’m talking about is Autumn Pop*.

(*Registered Trademark of Kongano Intergalactical)

How this necessity of autumnal pop music came to be, I can’t remember. I think I just found out after a few years of producing such tunes, that I guess this is a thing now.

So, without further ado, Kongano’s super-official autumn pop of 2020: STOP ASKING.

It’s a bit more electronic than usual, but hey, it’s also still gloomy, melancholic & sad; All the good jazz!


… Yeah, yeah, yeah, a while ago I had a lot of wisdom teeth related issues… but nobody wants to hear about that, so shut it mister! That’s not interesting.

What is more interesting, is the change on how I view this particular tune.

What I remembered being a very basic and harmless piece of chiptune hiphop, sounded now much more than that. More deep, emotional, and it felt like the tune had a story to tell.

Dang. Happy dang that is!

Lost: 4 teeth of wisdom.

Gained: 1 pretty nifty TOOTH OF WISDOM.

Fair deal.

Birds watching me.

Why is it always (and by saying always, I mean for the 2nd time) when I’m constructing a piano piece, little birds come and chill with me on the yard?

That’s cool, I guess.

Also, my yard isn’t neither front- nor backyard. It’s a midyard.

Midyard in Midgard.

No, the birds I talked with were no puffins, but common house sparrows. Despite that: PUFFINS TALE.

Because they are sympathetic little guys.

Threatening growl.

What I had in mind was alternative rock. Maybe heavy, but still more rock than metal.

Two cups of King’s X, sprinkle of Soundgarden, dose of Nirvana and some vanilla extract.

Then there’s the one chord that instantly reminds me about Weezer. The good days of Weezer.

DEATHLY MEOW. You’ll get it.

Divide & conquer.

Autodidacticism. Now there’s a word, you even have to stare endlessly for it to look silly.

Auto – dida – ctic – ism.

No. Let’s try that again:

Auto – did – act – icism.

Still no good. (“Auto did activism” would be great though)

Auto – did – act – ici – sm.


AUTODIA. Fixed it for you.

Confusion 3: The Depths.

Ok, this one… Despite of the furious head-scratching, lip-twisting & eye-squinting, I do not remember at all…

That this one there being FATHER SUSPIOUS.

It’s pretty neat though. Little bit of mystery, some suspence, just a sprinkle of comedy, very little romance.

Recorder! That puny instrument that could!

Whew, writingses for the upcoming monthses are doneskis! So, time for a liiittle more vacation. Just an hour… a day or two… or until next monday…

Confusion 2 ½.

Hey, another familiar one!

This one was also originally constructed as a background track. This time the lesson was II-V’s. Lot’s of ’em. No, more than that. I mean lots!



Not today. Last week we were educational, so that pretty much means it’s time for joking.


What the heck is PEPRIKORN? If capricorn is a cross between a fish and a goat, is peprikorn a half pepper, half unicorn?

Now that I’d like to see!