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Let’s Predict!

Just a few days ago, I discovered a YouTube channel that dealt with predicting things. And it seems like there’s a whole bunch other channels with similar content.


Does it actually work? I’ve never tried predicting the future, so let’s try it out!

I’ll try predicting some close-range stuff, so we can check how well I did – let’s say in about a month.

So, after 30 earth days:

– I’m still not quite used of seeing Jose Mourinho on the AS Roma bench
– My weight & height are about the same
– Folks still have to wear face mask in public places
– I’m starting to feel the need to see Dr. Samuel LOOMIS, I do make an appointment, feel great disappointment afterwards, not watch “The Great Escape”, but do watch “The Dirty Dozen” instead, because it has Telly Savalas
– I still hate mondays, but not as much as in 1992
– Someone famous & pretty old has passed away
– Climate change is still an issue
– I can still see my croquet set from here

I’ll see you in a month!

Also week.

Working Title: Really Sad.

Yep. As the title suggests, FATHOMAL is some sad piano stuff, with some vocals joining in later.

Making of the tune consisted very much of me making layers of stuff, and then deleting it all, leaving only the bare bones intact. It was absolutely the right thing to do. The tune got way too “busy” with strings, woodwinds & whatnot.

This assembling-disassembling-thing is something I tend to do quite often. I even have a special word for this:


It’s a little hard to translate, but I shall try:

Perusmeininki (fin.) = Mundane and/or familiar action, event or mood.

Hey, that’s pretty good!


Good day. Good date. Goody Goodson.

We’ve already got several items, meant for oral consumption, in hopes that it would satisfy our foody needs.

Now we apparently also have a sub-category of delicious jammy products spelled in swedish.


Coming up – but not next: Apple!

Making Fun Of Things.

RIP Teddy Grisham.

R1P O’Malley Hooligan & his lovely wife Sir Thomas Tippergore.

RiP Kat Everstone, Omar Mutumba, Pork Gi-Seng, “Svennis” Skattansborg, Moses Lowdam, Rosamundo Dos Santos Di Gian-Maria Sanchez, Pjotr Schwcszchnkchzsny, Karl-Friedrich Schwangermainheimerbergensteinbrenner, Pip, Pat, Ned, Krackle & Pop.

rIP everything evergreen, bad taste, f4c3b0ok, poetry in motion, all sports you like, hiccup, hugging, house dust mites, simple human kindness, rock, coffee, Publicity Department of Durkistan Airlines, pretending to be something you’re not, the colour orange, dorks at beach & vets.

41p actually meaning something.

Long live LAZY GRAVES & Bill Ward!

Bit of Spooky-Hop.

Delay. That’s what comes to mind when thinking of GHOST WORLD.

Because, there’s some of that. No, there’s more.

In fact there’s so much delay, that you can almost call it an instrument among others. Instrument, playing another instrument.

Well said sir!

Otherwise, the tune is pretty standard RnB sort of thing, with active hi-hats & things.

Stretchy Longneck.

GUITAR SONG‘s the title today, and it is what it is, in it’s what-it-isness.

What it was, it was an exercise in the field of out-of-the-box thinking, that’s what it was. You know: “What I haven’t done before”.

There’s 5 guitars going, all which are very easy to separate from each other.

It’s jumpy. Jumpy’s always good.

By the way… In the spring I had serious motivation problems playing guitar… but… Now that I think of… I ended up recording quite a few tunes with guitars… So, I guess I didn’t have those motivation problems after all… It just felt like it!

Bah. Puny humas with their feelings.

Nothing To Do With Spiderman.


No, it’s not my PIN. Maybe if I presented it differently, nobody would think so.

Sixty-four fifteen is ok, but this kind of messaging is in my world reserved for spelling door codes.

VIIVIV… Tweak it just a little bit…



There’s surprisingly many ways you can present such a simple thing.


Goodbye Sunny.

Summer is gone. Almost.

What indicates this, is me writing these posts for the august. Holiday season – meaning lack of work – is still on, but my mind is set on the near future. You know, to lessen the impact of that dreaded monday when the everyday life truly continues.

Oh hey, it’s friday! Yay, JUMPING JACKS of joy!

A little more holiday… Just a little…

2in1 Part Deux: The Resurgence.

There’s two ways of describing BRIMWALKERS GOODBYE. (yeah yeah, there’s more, but today we’ll focus on just two of ’em)

The literary way:

Listening this so called piece of music steals 3 minutes and 55 seconds of your life, which you could also spend in a 355 more productive ways, like: Minesweeper, sunbathing, badminton, learning a (foreign) language, watering plants, evolving, staring sadly out of the window, browsing though your hat collection, breathing, sitting, doing high fives, clearing your throat, whiskey, thinking of that special someone, folding stuff, healing, getting bored…

The non-literary way:


Choose your destiny.



Bleeaarg! Time to gete hauir & wiwld and shiet!

Yaytyyt bkpod.

Hrygiiandw sseadsodn is here, wduntil gurtwjrt noteive. Aslso, wehb weqribnf several bckodposes in cinejuntioesb, foewu sometoijmne want tj take a littelew shotrycut, alnf jidy fioi arounf.

/A flite sidenote: Ieäds surprinsgu diffuicut ro wetio thbids eaui, tsai di hit dfyuew keus mwsy ti ehsw kdu fou shoul,df ne prwssibnf. Aldi 3: Tdu fou sprakfinf woirm spellinf rrods. I date gou, Samdeuel L. Jacjdson!)