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Oh snap already.

THE NIGHT OF THE ANALOG ASSASSIN is chiptune horror music.

Or “horror music”, I should say. It’s not really very terrifying. It’s like a modern horror movie that’s pretty fun, with a few jump scares. Something that doesn’t actually get under your skin.

It’s just as far away from truly horrifying movies as those movies are from real life horrors.

You know, real life horrors like running out of toilet paper or embarrasing yourself publicly. Or train ride without internet or not optimally chilled white wine.

Or dentists appointment, lengthy struggle to get your wisdom tooth removed & the following discomfort for daze.

There’s your true horror. Third world style.

First of the decade.

Yep, you read it. TAKING IT EASY was the first tune I made in 2020, right after my holiday break.

As the title suggests, what it came to producing a piece of music, I decided to take it very easy. No need to construct an immortal musical masterpiece right away.

So, what you’ve got here is some harmless “Good Old Entertainment Music”, played by an eclectic combo of instruments.

And brushes.

Coming up at, some time in this century: An Immortal Musical Masterpiece!

Last of the decade.

Yep, you read it. JENGA was the last tune I made last year, before the holiday break. That’s the time of the year when yours truly is usually running on fumes, but despite that, I think the tune came out very nicely.

It has an interesting dance-reggae hybrid vibe, which just sort of happened while making it. Little bit of luck, a hefty dose of tenacity, bananas & water. That’s all it takes.

Two negatives make a positive, if you catch my drift.

Nature documentary music.

And now for my next number, I’d like to play you something, I tend call “Herzogian music”.


It features an echo. A huge, gargantuan echo. Less notes – more sound.

Lots of movie talk going on these days, huh? Maybe it is so, because really I should be on vacation, and not write these posts.

So, you go and have your vacation, mister. And perhaps watch a movie.


Not much to say about DREAMENGINE. It’s fun & harmless pop, with a hefty dose of oriental elements – a gift shop sort of way.

So, sudden groundbreaking realisation to the rescue!

Have you noticed the similarities between “Rambo II the main title” and the famous theme from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”?

Of course the individual notes are not the same, but their pacing, musical phrasing is spot on.

I have a feeling that Jerry knew exactly what he was doing. After all, the man is a winner of golden effigy, and overall a brilliant composer.


Where do they come?

A while ago, I watched this movie called “The Gambler” (1974). It’s opening credits featured music that was very reminiscent of “The Godfathers” opening. Sad trumpet being sad and moving very slowly.

(“The Gambler” also had Santino Corleone in a starring role – college professor with a severe gambling and shirt buttoning problem)

I quite liked the music and the film, so afterwards I thought that hey, I want to make my own tune with sad trumpet and stuff!

So, there you go: AND THEN ITS GONE.

What’s the “it” in the title then, you may ask. What is gone.


Get it out!

Usually at this time of the year, I’m holding a contest between the tunes that’s been ear-worming me the past year. Today there’s no such thing, because the winner is already decided.

Never before in the history of this contest have there been more overwhelmingly clear winner!

So, gz for:

Camel: Snow Goose-album, A-side


C’mon you other music! You gotta do better, so this won’t happen again next year. Come ‘n infiltrate my mind, irritate my brain & get stuck there, like a bubblegum in a poodle. C’mon man, and hit me with your best shot!

ONWARDS to the 2020!

Happy the man.

Some time ago I had a day, I was feeling particulary happy. That day FOR THE GOOD TIMES basically produced itself. It’s something mellow and very simple, not very artistically brilliant.

I had my reasons why I was doing so fine. 3,5 reasons to be exact. (I only gave score of 0,5 to one, because it was so tightly connected to another reason)

That’s rare, man! Usually happiness is more like absence of misery. Or it may be formed from nuggets of micro-happiness.

Almost anything can trigger a dose of micro-happiness. Really warm & comfortable woolen socks, given/received politeness or when a small baby in a pushcart looks at you in a grocery store & smiles.

Sompong. That’s a good one.

Peace & love.

Yes, it’s jazz.

MARAKUSH is a piece that I’d have a lot to say. But rather than doing so, I’m choosing to keep my fat mouth shut. I don’t want to manipulate you, dear listener.

Uh-oh, did I just manipulate you, dear friend?

Now, I would never do such a thing.