Threatening growl.

What I had in mind was alternative rock. Maybe heavy, but still more rock than metal.

Two cups of King’s X, sprinkle of Soundgarden, dose of Nirvana and some vanilla extract.

Then there’s the one chord that instantly reminds me about Weezer. The good days of Weezer.

DEATHLY MEOW. You’ll get it.

Divide & conquer.

Autodidacticism. Now there’s a word, you even have to stare endlessly for it to look silly.

Auto – dida – ctic – ism.

No. Let’s try that again:

Auto – did – act – icism.

Still no good. (“Auto did activism” would be great though)

Auto – did – act – ici – sm.


AUTODIA. Fixed it for you.

Confusion 3: The Depths.

Ok, this one… Despite of the furious head-scratching, lip-twisting & eye-squinting, I do not remember at all…

That this one there being FATHER SUSPIOUS.

It’s pretty neat though. Little bit of mystery, some suspence, just a sprinkle of comedy, very little romance.

Recorder! That puny instrument that could!

Whew, writingses for the upcoming monthses are doneskis! So, time for a liiittle more vacation. Just an hour… a day or two… or until next monday…

Confusion 2 ½.

Hey, another familiar one!

This one was also originally constructed as a background track. This time the lesson was II-V’s. Lot’s of ’em. No, more than that. I mean lots!



Not today. Last week we were educational, so that pretty much means it’s time for joking.


What the heck is PEPRIKORN? If capricorn is a cross between a fish and a goat, is peprikorn a half pepper, half unicorn?

Now that I’d like to see!

Not confusion but history hour.

Originally crafted as a background for improvisation, MYST is phrygian.

Phrygian in music that is. We’re not talking about the region in Anatolia.

Hmm, I don’t know how widely known this following fact is: Did you know that the modes of the major scale were named after regions in ancient Greece? (Or the whole story is a bit more complicated but, still…) The modes (that are also scales derivated from the major scale) being Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian.

This is something that every musician out there knows.

Now you know too. Welcome to the club!

Confusion part 2: Less is less.

I kinda remembered this one… Or it’s title, I should say. PASTORAL PRESENTE is the name, concluding our little retro-futuristic-cyber-dance-trilogy is the game.

All the pieces can be found in the electronic category, and they are, in the order of appearance:

Nomado Futuro
El Grungo Pasto
Pastoral Presente

Yay, more trilogies! That’s exactly what the world needs!


Crawling back to school & confusion.

In case I’ve never mentioned: At the end of each month, I write these postings for the next month. As in late july (or right now, as I’d like to call it), it feels really weird to write these words for the august, because I’ve been taking a well deserved break from producing music.

I’m like: “What’s this tune then? That’s pretty good! What the heck, did I make this?! Bagpipes, really, bagpipes?!”


I guess the confusion tells me that my break has been a succees.

Slowly towards the autumn & arki.

Almost forgot: BLINK. It’s guitarless, guitar-pop. Unlike alcohol-free beer, it actually works!

Summery fun.


Didn’t know the gameplay mechanics nor the rules.

Now I know.

It’s surprisingly complicated, not just jumping around.

Well it’s not complicated like The Twin Prime Conjecture or “it’s complicated”, but still.

I have never played hopscotch. Do I wanna? Sure why not, although I probably never will.

Croquet is my game.

Did you know croquet was featured in olympic games of 1900 and 1904.


No need to read the title.

I now kinda wish I didn’t name todays masterpiece LOST LOVE. Using such a strong title takes away the fun of bringing in your own interpretation. I grow more fond of the idea of abstract music every day.

Oh well.

Also, in this piece, you can hear all the sections (strings, brass, woodwinds) doing their own thing. This creates a very clean sound, that is easy to listen.

Oh yeah.

Hip combination hop.

Usually when making a period piece, you gotta be really careful not to break the immersion.

Like, imagine british soldiers with modern pompadours, listening hip-hop from a boombox in WW1 trench setting. It’s a pretty funny image, but nothing but silliness in being established there.

I tend to be a full-blown puritan when it comes to such matters. No powerful drum sounds in 60’s pop, no guitar shredding in polynesian folk music, and no synthesizers in romantic classical music.

VINTAGE CHILL is an exception, albeit not as extreme as the examples I just made. It’s kind of… 60’s to 80’s vintage chilly-chill stuff.

The illusion is gone, but I like it!