COPYCAT is a one long and winding road to nowhere

It’s a house with no door, a home by the sea, close to the edge

In my darkest hour, in the midnight hour, visions of angels come to the sabbat, and break on through to the south side of the sky

White wedding ends with a silent scream

The end

Cisba Fisab.

More of that merry-moving, jolly-jumpin, flock-flipping, folking folksy folk music!

It’s going to go wild, when we’re GOING WILD while winding gold.

There’s strumming, we got drumming, but no humming, joy upcoming and piano.

Why am I so singsongy today?

A: To counter the negative effects of monday morning.

Let’s Make It II.

I was going to save this one for the Halloween, but then nah… Gonna make something else then. After all this guy here has bright major chords and other nice things.

PATHOS was kongano’s tune number 500.

That’s pretty good, considering that I started with 50.

Some of you may have noticed, that I stopped making “birthday tunes” some years ago, you know, to celebrate the date kongano first went online.

Or hey, no. I didn’t stop. One year I forgot to make one, and the following year “I forgot”. Then I just let it go.

The older you get, the less there is to celebrate.

Now, that’s not true. Stop being such a negative Nancy.

Coming up in the near or distant future: The third musketeer!


Yeah, it’s BACK TO SCHOOL time of the year. Ok, a few weeks late but whatever…

I like autumn, which in my opinion is the true spring. Schools are opening again, people are getting back to work, after a well earned break.

(Needless to say, this is from a person, who’s life has always been dictated by school year)

Time to rejuvenate, right now!

And it’s getting chilly outside, meaning it’s getting comfortable indoors as well!


It’s the Egg.

Which came first, the egg, or the eggnog?

Similiar question would be: Which came first, me unwittingly plagiarizing myself, or me doing a conscious decicion to add elements in my music, that I’ve used before?

TAKE THAT TAKE features a little bass riff, that was shamelessly and deliberately ripped from another piece I made. All in good fun.

Also, the C-part is pretty good. It’s shame it only makes a brief appearance. Maybe…

Sure It Is.

Simple stuff today. I wanted this guy here to have:

– Steady & pretty light beat
– Orchestral instruments hovering around
– Quirky percussions
– Overall light-hearted & fun feel

And that’s what BEATRICKS is. Or I hope it is.


Although the text messages from you still keep on rollin’ every monday morning at 5.21 am, and sometimes I might even reply indignantly, I thought that a longer message would be appropriate.

So, how you doin’ in there? Loony tunes? How’s little kitty-kitty?

I’m doin’ great, because this post is a letter from the past, I’m still on vacation and life is sweet! At the time you’re reading this, on the other hand, I’m back on the arki, which is also fine.

Hey, I made something for you! Or to be Frank & Ernest, I made a tune and named it after you: FOR JOHNNY THUNDER. Hope you like it!

That’s it. I would be fun to see you eye to eye, some day. 2112? Maybe even sooner!?

– Viikinki

I Can Do This All Day.

Ursula, the Usher of Utumno Untangles the Universe
Morris the Mini in the Multiverse of a Million Maniacs
Boris Bears the Burgundian Banner Behind the BLANKVERSUM
Polly Patrol Pushing up Petunias by the Pristine Paraversum
Atomic Andrea Anticipating Autonomy under the Astronomical Antiversei
Debbie’s Doberman Doubts her Demands During Doubling Demiversei…

“Stop playing and eat your vegetables.”

“Yes, dear.”


For years, I used to completely avoid using artificial guitars. You know, because I’ve got more guitars in my apartment than the law allows.

(That didn’t come out right)

More recently I’ve put some fake guitars on tunes like NASTYENGINETOE, where the synthesized sound is more than wanted.

Or, hang on… Oh I did make those impossible guitar parts in that tune with the horrible rhythms… And then there was the “electro stoner”-piece… And shoot, of course the two (or three) general midi rock tunes…

So I guess, I gave up on this matter years ago! Live ‘n learn!

The Hardest Game In The World

aka The Stupid Internet Challenge Of The Day:

  1.  Watch “USA For Africa – We Are The World” (the music video)
  2.  DO NOT react in ANY way (grin, tears, shivers, whatever)
  3.  If you’re still stonefaced after seven (7) minutes you WIN
  4.  DO NOT post your (possible) reactions online
  5.  Bonus: Tell your friends FACE TO FACE which singer was your favourite

I usually start cracking around Willie Nelson, and I’ve never made it past Huey Lewis without totally losing it. My two favourites are Cyndi & Ray.