More prgrck.

What we’ve got here is failure to understand when a song is done. “Nothing’s ever really completed”, said George 50.

I could have easily spent 2-7 days more making this tune. Writing hieroglyphs with my quill, while looking all dreamy, and at the same time minding that my prog-cape doesn’t get wrinkles. Also, I’d do some rehearsing, playing & editing.

Unfortunately, I have a schedule to keep.

The solution: Replace one word with another!

SHAMELESS PART TWO. This is the part where our heroes are at their lowest point.

Scroll way down for the first one.

…and then there were part 3.

Yes. It’s December.

The nights are dark, except for the strange & colouful phenomenon up in the sky, that is Australian wildfires caused by climate change.

People go happily shopping for Christmas stuff. Tramful of passengers spontaneously bursts into singing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. Strangers greet & hug smilingly at the market square.


The most anticipated event of the history is a vaccine, rather than the second coming of the Beatles.

Oh well, December is still December: ELF PARTICLE.

Happy the Man.

At the time when I produced ICONIC, I was reading the autobiography of Phil Collins. So, something from the book definitely slipped into the tune. The general mood of the piece certainly is somewhat adultish & 80’s-like.

Phil’s a weird figure. The man is responsible for some of the most heinous crimes in pop music history, and on the other hand he’s the guy who played drums on “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” and drummed & sang on “Dodo/Lurker”!

The book really reinforces the dual image I had about Phil: Very down to earth kind of guy, who occasionally could be not so considerate fellow.

Sounds like a human to me.

Phil – good songwriter, great singer, UK’s second richest drummer.

Yeah, that’s right.

Kewl schatz.

I thought I’d call SO CAN OFF “easy listening jazz-music”, but that term immediately gave me heartburn.

How about “LoFi jazz ecstasy”?

Too pompous.

What about “Elevator jazz extravaganza”?


Got it! Let’s call it “Secret Code Oriented jazzy jazz-music”.


Remake Part Epsilon.

Great, another remake! How original.

To my defence, SILENT SHADOWS is not really a remake. I just clicked it in the music editing software, casted a few carefully chosen spells and then made the whole thing louder.

The tune was originally the soundtrack for a short silent film-like comedy skit. I found the music sheets recently and thought, what the heck, let’s just recycle the piece.

I think I still have the original recording somewhere… on a MiniDisc…

Remember those? Yesterdays future of the passed past!

Fast oompah.

…and after light comes thrash metal. Simple, uncompromising thrash metal. Maybe speed.

(As a sidenote, I remember seeing an interview with Philty Animal “Taylor” talking about different genres of heavy rock music… I couldn’t find it, but it was glorious! The man was not a big fan of categorizing music…)

Like rat poison, RAT POISON serves only one function: To rock on!

Or, to metal on… I doesn’t sound as good though… And, of course:

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed during the producing of this tune, nor does playing it cause any kind of harm to any living being.

I don’t think any music has ever harmed animals. Or maybe Billy Ray Cyrus. Or The Shaggs. But I’m certain that, most music has never caused any kind of physical or mental pain or distress for any being, that may be considered living.

Traditional special musical point of the year Part 2: The Halloween!

Yay, it’s almost time for everyone’s favourite pagan ritual day, that has been compressed into a mindless celebration of consuming & gluttony.

I tell you no lies, I always find it fun to make these scary bits.

SPOOKY BOOGIE rides the line between “Critters” (1986) and “Beetlejuice” (1988). So, what we’ve got here is something, nooot really that scary.

Horror movies have really got significantly better recently. 90’s and early 00’s was such a miserable time with endless serial criminals & self-awareness & stuff.

Now go watch “Suspiria” (2018) if you have the guts or “One Cut Of The Dead” (2017) if you want to laugh out loud.

They’ll be the ones to have your guts…

(Might have used this joke already)

FRUITS AND BERRIES was the first tune I produced after my summer break. As is customary in such a point in composers life, I decided to go very easy.

So, nothing fancy here, just some happy-happy orchestral stuff, starring a slightly sneezy clarinet. Afterwards I had some watermelon. That’s why.


Omg, so funny! I’m laughing so hard, I’m literally crying!


The weirdest thing happened to me:

I worked on a tune in the evening. The time of the day was exceptional, yes, because I usually work in the morning or during the day, but that was not the point here.

Anyway, it was getting late, and I thought not to push forward and force the production for completion. A good nights sleep might even give me a new perspective of the job. Well rested ears are better ears. So I slept, woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, got my two cups of coffee and continued working with the tune.

You can only imagine my surprise, when I found out that the tune was finished during the night! And I swear, I did not raise my finger while sleeping. I may have rolled over a couple of times and maybe snored, but I repeat, I did not work!

Weird, huh?

Not Balkanese edible nor a ski mask: CUBLAVA.