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Sudden groundbraking realisations.

The rhythm of the main riff in the “Raining Blood” by Slayer is exactly the same as the famous theme from Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King”!

Now, can it be a coincidence?

Of course it can, but I personally don’t think so. Power of the unconscious mind. Or just plain conscious.

Believe or not, I noticed the similarities myself, several years ago. Apparently the fine people of the internets have made the same observation. Good for us.

THREE SIDES IN EVERY TURN is the name of the game today. I couldn’t think of anything special to say about it, so unrelated words to the rescue!

Just joking.

What’s the funniest joke in the world?

I dunno about you, but in my opinion the best family of jokes are the ones only you can possibly understand. You know, the kind of jokes which are never spoken aloud. Running gags of the mind, that are sometimes very hard, if not impossible to transcript into any known human language.

You must know what I’m talking about, and you probably have a whole bunch of those.

Here’s one of mine: “Hey, it’s almost done!”

As in, LOOSE TRUCE was almost done.

And now it is.


Sarcasm – zero (0).

You know it’s going to be a fine day you’ve got Cheap Trick playing in your head when you wake up.

Yeah, I woke up feeling the energetic beat & catchy melody of “Dream Police”. Following that, coffee was hot, the air was cool, I didn’t mind, and I quite enjoyed the morning.

My contribution for the world that day was AINT BAD AT ALL.

Sarcasm – normal (5).


Every time I’m about to name a tune, I check a few things:

1) Does a song of the same title already exist?
– If so, is the title too used or is there a room for one more?

2) Spell check.
– Perhaps misstype mine in a funny way?

3) If made up words are used, check if the word(s) in question actually mean horrible profanities in language I know nothing about.
– If so, change the title.

What I just googled was “two become one”. It turns out, there’s at least two songs of the same name. One by Jewel and another by Spice Girls.

Spice Girls. Now those ladies always made me smile in the 90’s and they still do today. Gal force!

Decision time: I’m not gonna go with “two become one”. CnB is fine. It’s about two becoming one. No lyrics needed.

Oh yeah, and it’s got nothing to do with the Czech National Bank.

Concerning, surprise, music.

Elevator music. Massage therapy music. Pumping iron music. Getting a haircut music. Greek restaurant music. Depressing music.

Supermarket music. Concrete music. Animal noises mixed in music. It used to be cool music. Carrying a backpack music. Song stuck on repeat in a steak house without anyone noticing it music. Only professional critics dig it music. Walking the streets of New York in a white suit music. You tell people you like it, although you don’t, music. Distant, unrecognizable music.

Complicated music.

YouTube video about baking music: BAKING DAY.

The fourth birthday update.

That’s right. Four years of existence in a row! What a strange journey this has been.

Medium sized yay for that.

It has been a tradition to put out a celebratory tune, and here it is: FROM THE AGES OF BIG BLANK. It’s uplifting, pretty, pretty synthesized and it has some fanfariness.

Fanfariness? Is that a word. Well it is now.

And now it isn’t anymore.

Back to work… no wait! This time I actually have a few days off.

Hefty yay for that!


When a tune is named SPEEDY POLKA, no further explanation is needed.

So, what we’ve got here is no further explanation.

But beware, don’t miss a beat. Don’t let the drum part slip & turn.

Beware, take care, beware!

Concerning technology.

Electronic dance music (EDM). The words that just roll of your tongue.

Here’s some little known facts about EDM:

– EDM was founded by Dutch composer Dirk Van Hooijdonk in his musical work “Muziek Voor Houtblazers en Percussie in Db-Major, Op. 23” in 1712. Of course this was before the electricity was invented so the music was originally called acoustic dance music (Akoestische Dansmuziek).

– In 1913, German physicist (and amateur cellist) Otto Munchhausen experimented with prototypes for very primitive motion sensor device. The called his invention “radaroscope”. The blueprint for the radaroscope was a few decades later used for the first commercial synthesizers.

– The first EDM single to sell gold in US was “Nachos” by Baba Johnson in 1968. The tune hit the charts again in 2003, when it was featured in blockbuster movie “The Year of the Dreamer”.

Ok, only one of those is actually true, the other “facts” I just made up.

Can you guess which one’s the real deal?

Oh yeah, and: LAZER POINTEE.