Too much.

Sooo, it says in CURTSEY FOR A FOOL‘s description: “Everything’s gonna be alright kinda feel.”

I wrote those words spontaneously right after I finished the tune. Now, a little later on, I think those words captured the mood of the piece spot on.

I bet that you could name at least a few other tunes that emanate “everything’s gonna be alright”? Lyrics that mention the words or any (other) Bob Marley song doesn’t count.

How about, can you name a song that has “driving really fast”-kind of a feel?

How about a song that has “The Ultimate Power”?

How about 3, can you name a song that says: “all the wealth I’ve piled up with my music, has had a damaging effect on my skills as a composer and a lyricist”.

As usually, I had to take this thought to a higher level:

Imagine a tune that says without any words: “Hands up, this is a robbery”, or “Take me to your leader”.

What about: “One evening I saw a cloud resembling a capricorn with a demons head”.