Summer storytime.

It seems it’s summer. And with summer comes the news headlines, such as: “Hey look, it’s warm and bright, and us editors think that you should spend much more time outside than you’d do, if the weather would be less bright & sunny.”

There’s also saturday morning reports like: “Disaster strikes in Yourburg; It’s not very warm at all! You better grab your sou’westers, folks.”

Yes, us humans possess this weird habit of continually stating and repeating the obvious, in this case the weather. But why do we also need professionals to make sure we absolutely positively get this?

By professionals I of course mean janitors.

“Breaking news!!! English pop group Fink Ployd is not going to reform! There hasn’t been any talks between the surviving members of the group and there hasn’t ever been any indication that the group would reform. Bands fictional representative didn’t comment anything for the reporter who wasn’t on the case.” (- N.T.A.T.)