Sudden groundbreaking realisations part 1.

Some time ago I started listing things that are fairly obvious observations of our current reality and, that have somehow escaped my attention. Usually these “things” have nothing to do in the grand scheme of things. They’re trivial, stupid, childish – and therefore greatly amusing.

I’ve been holding this list, and sometimes making additions, in a case there comes a day I’ve got nothing to say about the tune of today.

So, here we go. My first sudden groundbreaking realisation:

Tim Curry – Jim Carrey.

Get it? The names of these two wonderful people are quite similar!

This is how we go from groundbreaking to anticlimaxing in a matter of seconds.

Now that the distraction has made its job, it’s time for ELECTRIC WILLOWS. It’s pop, it’s jumpy. It’s hip and it’s fun. No groundbreaking chords, no breathtaking melodies.

Jolly good!