We All Owe It To The Psycho.

Here we go again: Spooky Halloween music part k: HALLOWED. Shoutout to Bernie Hermie, and the famous theme from the “Psycho”.

At some point of the production I started to feel the urge to add drum beat. Only with great determination I managed to restrain myself from doing so.

Then I had an idea: Why not redo this tune with the beaty stuff that had been harassing me. So, coming up: Just that!

That version of the piece… I think I’m going after more stuartgordony feel… Something like the theme from “Re-Animator”. You know, orchestral instruments on a silly 80’s beat.

By the way, the “Re-Animator”-theme is of course a blatant ripo… I mean, lovingly crafted reimagining of the “Psycho”-theme, so, that makes the circle very round.

Movie recommendation of the season: “Re-Animator” (1985) directed by Stuart Gordon.

This post contained five (5) colons. Now, that’s spooky!