Vintage Pop.

Sea monsters are aplenty.

We got Cetus, Hydra and the Sirens of the Deep. Apkallu is Akkadian, Moby is a Dick and good ol’ Nessie lives in the Loch. Kraken terrorizes the seas of Norway & Greenland. Greeks got Scylla. Leviathan is biblical and everybody loves Cthulhu.

Finland’s got one too: Iku-Turso, the old bugger!

TURSON IKULLE (“For Iku-Turso”) is supposed to be Finnish folk music, as ancient as it comes. Well, not banging two rocks together ancient, but pretty old nevertheless.

Fun fact of the day: The cling-blingier string instrument parts features only five (5) notes – as if it was played by a 5-string kantele!