Incoming Stuff…

… a.k.a. How Your Brain Works, part 34.

When I was constructing todays tune, I found myself thinking of some Peloponnesian things. You know, Athens & Sparta brawling to their heart’s content. I also thought about current events like the discovery of pottery and the nifty formation of phalanx. My order was classical, and I had no arms probably because of the surprise result of Euro 2004.

Then Al Pacino interrupted me by screaming: “Attica! Attica!”

I was very impressed by the music I was producing. It had just gave me some really strong impressions from 2400 years ago. So, I named the tune HELLENIC RAGE.

Then my eyes once again wandered to the software synth I was using. One sound preset was called “Hellenic”-something…

Oh well.

Shout out to Civilization the Board Game: I miss you baby!