Concerning national anthems.

Ok, this one needs a little explanation.

I’ve wanted to compose a national anthem of a fictional country for a long time. And in fact, the tune has been almost ready in my brain for at least a year. Only one thing has been holding me back:

I was afraid that the song in my head is an actual national anthem. So, before I could start working on the song, I’d have to make sure that the melody in question is original.

There’s about 195 countries in the world (late 2016), and apparently all of them have a national anthem or equivalent theme song.

Good show!

Although some anthems are shared between countries, that’s a good bunch of songs to listen to. I had to narrow down the list a bit.

I ended up listening 77 songs, that being the number of countries that’ve appeared in football world cup along the years.

Anti-bingo! Neither of those songs had any resemblance with my melody.

The rest was easy. And now we got NATIONAL ANTHEM OF PREPOSTRISTAN.

(By the way, of the 77 songs I went through, my favourites are Montenegro and Senegal.)