Str vs. int vs. dex vs. wis.

It’s pretty clear that in the battle of human vs. nature, nature always prevails. The only question is, how bad of a loser man turns out to be.

But how about the battle of human vs machine? Now let’s see:

– In chess things are pretty even (as far as I’m aware). But considering that some of humanitys best engineers are doing everything in their power to turn the tides for the machine, things ain’t looking too bright for us.

– In music. We got Bach, Charlie Parker and Weird Al Yankovic. They got a few AI-composers – some even available on your smart phone – designed by the best human programmers this planet has.

– In sports, well, we’ve all seen the videos of funny robots stumbling in stairs. But again, our most brilliant minds are working hard for the glory of the machine.

Bloody traitors.

My little war against the one and zeros of the world ended in a loose truce. It was a sheer coincidence that todays tune was supposed to be BATTLE OF KUSTAANKARTANO. But hey, con is my favourite incidence.