Dealing with technical difficulties.

Today I woke up before the alarm clock and I felt quite good & refreshed. After a nice cup of coffee or six, I rolled up my sleeves. The main goal of the morning was to do a little bit of tinkering with some sofware issues I’ve had. Easy-peasy. I’ll show ’em.

Time passed.

Approximately five hours and 27 computer restarts later, I gave up. Gone was the optimism of the morning, my blood pressure was up 275%. I was exhausted, sweaty and hungry. Plus, on my way to the bathroom, I stubbed my pinky toe to the door threshold.

The pain!

Fortunately I knew that there’s nothing a good stretching & a couple of sandwiches couldn’t heal. And an episode of a series I’m currently hooked on. Then I listened SUHMURA and what do you know, this blog was already crystal clear in my mind. That “music” there is in case you ever have similar moments I had today, and you’re completely out of sandwiches & streching.

For the sake of symmetry.