The best I can.

“Study more about latin rhythms” has been on my ToDoList for a quite some time. For like several years, to be honest…

So much to do… So much interesting stuff to dive into… And so little time… Or rather, so much of that precious time must be sacrificed for doing laundry, walking & breathing at the same time and video games…

So let this be a reminder, me. Study that stuff! Mambo, rumba, salsa, samba, tango, merengue, mariachi and cha-cha-cha. And when you’re done, study charanga, ranchera, vals criollo, twoubadou, bachata and Stan Getz.

Oliver doesn’t.

In the meantime, here’s some poppy, kinda latinic/caribbean stuff: EVENING AT LUPES.

I hope they serve mojitos there, ‘cos they are delicious!