Stating the obvious.

Right. Let’s get this over with.

WASHED was the first tune I made, when these times begun. You know. So, washing your hands was pretty much the thing to do.

Like otherwise I wouldn’t wash my hands dozens of times a day… With moisturising soap or not… Washing after coming home, washing at work, washing at friends, at public places when possible… Washing before, during and after cooking, eating & doing dishes… Washing after visiting a certain room found in every house that has running water, but where you extremely rarely cook in… Washing in the morning, during the day, in the everning…

Washing free zone is located in the sleepy lands.

Also, things me & you should always do, even when we’re not told to:

– Not to sneeze / cough on other peoples faces
– Try to maintain one Abdul-Jabbar (2.18m) of safety distance to other people
– Wipe your feet before entering any indoor space
– Say thank you / sorry when necessary
– Not to drink battery acid even when very thirsty