The legal stuff is a joke.

We got these nice musical traditions here in Kongano, which all take place during the fall.

The second one we’ll get to later this month, while the third one is up at the beginning of december. Can you guess what I might be referring to?

This first seasonal piece of music is not as, should I say, well-established as the the ones I mentioned before. What I’m talking about is Autumn Pop*.

(*Registered Trademark of Kongano Intergalactical)

How this necessity of autumnal pop music came to be, I can’t remember. I think I just found out after a few years of producing such tunes, that I guess this is a thing now.

So, without further ado, Kongano’s super-official autumn pop of 2020: STOP ASKING.

It’s a bit more electronic than usual, but hey, it’s also still gloomy, melancholic & sad; All the good jazz!