Storytime p. 24.

NAILS was my character in Cyberpunk. (The 1988 tabletop role-playing game)

She was a solo, a person who was willing to wash other peoples dirty laundry. Figuratively speaking. She was resourceful, fast thinking & moving, and when it came to dealing problems with firearms or fists, she was unstoppable. You could almost say… you know what’s coming… she was tough as… nails.

Then she got arrested and was sent to prison.

The trial and sentence was a huge sham, orchestrated by unknown forces. I mostly blamed the GM.

After some time in the slammer, she made her risky move. She faked an sporting accident, in which she was actually injured, and during a transport to a hospital she escaped.

She was a bloody mess, but she got out!

About the tune, well, it’s appropriate for this little story of mine.