Making Fun Of Things.

RIP Teddy Grisham.

R1P O’Malley Hooligan & his lovely wife Sir Thomas Tippergore.

RiP Kat Everstone, Omar Mutumba, Pork Gi-Seng, “Svennis” Skattansborg, Moses Lowdam, Rosamundo Dos Santos Di Gian-Maria Sanchez, Pjotr Schwcszchnkchzsny, Karl-Friedrich Schwangermainheimerbergensteinbrenner, Pip, Pat, Ned, Krackle & Pop.

rIP everything evergreen, bad taste, f4c3b0ok, poetry in motion, all sports you like, hiccup, hugging, house dust mites, simple human kindness, rock, coffee, Publicity Department of Durkistan Airlines, pretending to be something you’re not, the colour orange, dorks at beach & vets.

41p actually meaning something.

Long live LAZY GRAVES & Bill Ward!