Stupid Little Thought Of The Day.

From now on, I’ll be talking about digital watch. That’s because – at least in my case – when I take a look of an analog watch, and it says 10.49, in my mind the time is ten to eleven.

Ahem. Have I seen every possible time, when eyeballing a watch, at that time in question? Hours & minutes, let’s leave the seconds out.

I know for sure that I’ve seen 11.11, 22.22, 12.34, 23.45 and 13.37. You tend to pay special attention when you see those numbers.

I’ve probably seen all the round hours, right? Or maybe not. Perhaps I haven’t seen 4 and 5 in the morning.

So, there’s most likely dozens of times I haven’t seen at all! Those stupid early hours.

Do I care? Do I wanna “collect” all the times o’ the clock?

No, and absolutely no. As the title suggests.

Maybe I should go UTANFÖR DÖRREN more often.