More Bananas.

Bananas. They’re great.

And very particular, as we’ve already discussed. No use of getting through that again.

They’re also an excellent reference point for any imaginable situation. And metaphors, don’t even get me started there.

Bananas are the cycle of life, or if you don’t want to get too pompous, the cycle of a week in a life.

From monday to thurday you consume good old bananas, nothing less, nothing added. At home in the early day, at work, on the road, like you’d be playing some stupid mobile game to pass the time.

Minesweeper! That’s a better one. Regular bananas are minesweeper.

Friday evening is banana chip time. Preferably the kind that has extra cinnamon & honey in it. Banana chips are UNO.

Saturday is banana soda time, although that stuff tastes like childhood, more than bananas. Yep, banana soda accompanied by some Carcassonne.

Sunday is banana/blueberry smoothie day, which should be served with some Souls-likes.

Games. They’re great, aren’t they?