Nasty Noice.

This one starts off with some ear-hurting noises, and ends up in a particulary nasty chord. And what’s hanging there between those two points, isn’t very soft ‘n nice ‘n comfy either. But hey, when a tune is named TERRORTRON, you really shouldn’t expect marshmallows and sunshine.

There’s also some additional bumpy noises, that somehow reminded me of the walking sounds that the enemies do in the video game “Wizard of Wor”.

Or “walking sounds”, ‘cos I played the game on Commodore 64. (It was originally an arcade game)

Oh the memories: Fellows in spacesuits, trying not to shoot one another, those blue wolf guys – which we named as “guys”, the lightning fast spiderbro and of course the terrifying witch, who only appeared once in a blue screen.

Dear modern manufacturers of vintage computer things: Why no TAC-2 with an USB cable available in my location?!