Alternate route.

Sometimes a song doesn’t want to be completed. The song in question was supposed to be a kind of an indie guitar pop tune, played with physical guitar and bass. I recorded most of the instruments to the point where I was able to do some preliminary mixing, and that’s when the song started to play dirty.

Couple of guitar sounds just couldn’t live peacefully side by side. Bass was being powerless of humming uncontrollably. The drums were actually very nice but the unity of the song was nowhere to be found.

Luckily I’ve got some tricks of my own – I guess that’s called craftsmanship.

So, I pretty much just gave the song the finger and replaced guitars with synthesizers, the lively bassline with a extremely straightforward one and changed drumset from an acoustic to electronic.

The result: One completed song

Bonus: It’s something completely different I thought it would be

Amount of fun gained: Lots

Sporty fun-fun pop of the day: SPACESQUIRREL OLYMPICS OF 2115