What If…


Dave M. exits the liquer store. He’s about to celebrate quitting his crummy job. After some serious setbacks in his life, things seem to be finally going in to the right direction. In his wallet is a newspaper ad for a cheap Hollywood apartment. Perfect headquarters to live and start a new band.

On his way back to the car, Dave M. slips in a banana peel. Only with great agility he avoids landing in a pool of very suspicious looking liquid. What poor Dave M. doesn’t realize, is that his wallet has somehow slipped from the back pocket of his very tight jeans. Financial loss: 3.50$.


Dave E. grows increasingly frustrated practicing “Runnin’ with the Devil” by Van Halen. He has tamed the song alright, but playing just by himself feels so pointless. He puts his bass down, and looks sadly out the window of his cheap Hollywood apartment.

Suddenly a brainstorm hits: “Screw this”, he says to himself. “I’m stayin’ solo!”


Crumpy Grampa Records Ltd. releases “The Spirit Of The New Age” by Dave E. The album goes highly unnoticed, but it’s opening track “DAVES HOLIDAY MOOD” receives heavy airplay in Akron, Ohio. The song eventually becomes a much loved holiday stable in the area.