Riffs Everywhere.

Here’s yet another tune that originated in guitar lessons, you know, me playing with my pupils: INFINITE MARCH. (The lessons subject was guitar fingerstyle patterns)

I’d already made a worksheet containing the lower guitar part, and we spiced the pattern up by adding another guitar part, going higher & creating a simple polyrhythmic weave. I made up the upper harmony part on the fly, and the wholesome sounded so good, that it sort of got stuck in my head.

The rest of the tune I sketched that evening, while riding a train back home.

The tune is also a very rare specimen of music that turned out to be exactly as I first imagined it. Emphasis on the word “exactly”. Usually when I start constructing a tune, I have a at least something of a plan, which I end up altering at some point.

But sometimes you’re just so dang right that it hurts.

No it doesn’t.