Banned Notes.

Now here’s a mother of all inside jokes:

“MI-tilanne. Ei voi vetää.”

Me amused.

Explaning the whole story would take ages, so here’s the short version:

Four seconds in of BODA FANTASMA you’ll hear a chord that – when you really focus on it – sounds pretty nasty. It has tonic on the lead and major seveth chord under it, thus creating that dreaded b9 interval.

I think I got away with that. The following chord releases the tension nicely. Plus, I like messing with these kind of dangerous chords. You know, trying to make them sound more accessable.

Harmonic minor 9th-chord! There’s one I’ve been wanting to use. (That chord is used beautifully in “The Moon Struck One” by The Band)

That’s enough music nerdism. Now click the red text and enter the ghost wedding.