Silent music.

The very first note I wrote about this tune was just two words: ”a drunk”. (Or is ”a” considered as a word?)

Then I decided that bassoon’s my weapon of choice.

After writing just a few bars of melody, the song started assembling itself.

SLOSH WALTZ depicts a drunks staggering trip from bar to home. The fellow in question is well dressed, top hat, bow tie, cane and everything. And what do you know, he looks just like James Finlayson, the scottish actor.

Our hero lives in a world, where the only colours that exist are black, white and their numerous shades. His movement is quick yet clumsy, as if the time is moving faster than it usually does.

After some adventures, including passing out for a while on the back of a milk carriage, the drunk finally gets home. The whole thing ends to a good tripping.

I call this one a waltz even though there’s not a single 3/4-bar in it. The slosh part in the title should explain it.