Coincidences Or (maybe) Not.

February starts with something I like to call “your basic pop-sort of music, packed with nifty grooves & optimistic qualities”. No, I’ve never called any piece of music that before, but that have sure been my mindset multiple times, when I’ve started to work on a pop tune.

So, AMERICAN BANTAM is the title and it has this very special thing built into it: The length, in minutes & seconds.

Now, that may refer to a number of things (!), like the year 313 (when stuff happened in the Roman Empire and not-quite-yet-feudal Japan).

It may also be the compressed way to indicate the last day of march. (some other day if you’re American)

It can also point us to the wonderful world of comics. And that’s where we’re heading.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t’ remember how much of a coincidence all this was. It might’ve been. But then again, I’m a sneaky devil and I’ve may have planned this all along.

We shall never know.