Balderdash cont.

BOLLEA’s dominating feature is the chord structure, which keeps repeating throughout the whole tune. This phenomenon is known in classical Italian string-instrument theory as “cadenza di Mustaineapolitan”.

You may hear some “Bondesque” characteristics in there, and you’d be perfectly correct. However, Jacques Bondesque didn’t utilize the chords until late 1800th century, whereas Mustaineapolitan cadence was used as early as late medieval times.

Fascinating, dude. Tell me more.

Ok, ahem… The tune as named after a merchant from the island of Gaios, Theokratiskos Bollea, who in 1572 struck a very mutually beneficial trade agreement with the Medici family to import Greek cheese to Venice. The deal was cut only two years later, when Pope Pepedious III took notice of the vast amounts of high quality cheese that had flooded the market…

Please stop.