The Obstacle.

I can work on commad. I can work when I really don’t feel like it at all. Although music is mostly about feelings, producing it is – just like any other job – mostly just grinding, getting sh… stuff done.

I get stuff done. I get it done when tired and sleepy, hungry, thirsty, back’s aching & heart is breaking. I get it done when I need to, and on given time. I get it done, got it done and I also will.

Some time ago I made music all thursday, until the only condition that prevents me from working occurred. The all-crippling thing is when I lose the ability to tell the difference between good and sh… bad.

You know, like:

Should the chord here be C-major or F#mM9? Guitar, panpipe or Terrortron2000 to join tuba in melody here? Does A-part must be followed by B-part, as usual? Is this obbligato any good? Bonzo or Chad Smith on drums? 4/4 or 2/4? Shall I go with the trust ol’ brzzz-zrz or should the sound in the last chorus be more like nrzzz-nrz-nrz?

If the answer to all of those hypothetical questions is “I don’t know”, then bugger. You need to have a break, man.

The following morning I listened, what I’ve managed to scrape together yesterday. To my amazement – I actually started laughing – the music was really good. I just was temporarily unable to tell it. I finished the tune in record time, and here it is: LAS DALLAS. It’s sort of Las Vegas entertainment beat-music with a stetson.