I first started dealing with computer music in the early 90s, on my dads Macintosh. At the time, Mac started to surpass Atari ST as THE music producing machine.

Those were the days of General MIDI.

GM is a “standardized specification for music synthesizers that respond to MIDI messages”. (Thanks wikipedia). Those sounds tried to simulate real (acoustic) instruments, from agogo to xylophone. At the time, they were great. The whole orchestra at your fingertips!

Today – of course – that stuff is as relevant as bloodletting or fax machines.

Anywaay, I wanted to take a little trip to the past. The result is INCARNATION IN A CARNATION, which utilizes only GM sounds. And it’s kinda metal. Kinda.

Unnecessary fact of the day: I played the tune for a friend. After listening about 1½ seconds he said: “Doom.” (Meaning the computer game, not the metal genre, or the final judgment.)

That’s exactly what I was going for.