What on earth is going on AT THE MINISTRY OF NONSENSE?

I imagine it’s a huge hall filled with office dividers. Map is required to navigate there. Some poor things without one have got lost and perished.

Coffee infused people in matching uniforms squirrel around mindlessly. They carry piles of paper, plastic tubes and print rolls. They have pencils in their shirt pockets and staplers in their holsters.

They all are very determined to get somewhere, although every now and then they get confused, and continue rushing for a random direction.

Inevitably people bump into each other. This leads to heated discussions and occasionally fights break out.

This seemingly insane scene only start to make any sense once you’re able to observe it 100 meters above the ground level. The whole hall seems to be a gigantic Rube Goldberg machine, which only purpose is to deliver a single piece of paper across the hall.

Once the paper reaches it’s destination, it’s all torn and covered in coffee and blood, making reading it almost impossible.

This is also how I pretty much imagine every normal ministries work.