Evil eyebrows.

Ok, so this one’s about what’s going on inside a fictional supervillains mind: Devious shenanigans, madness and lust for power.

Except this guy ain’t no Blofeld or Dr. Doom. He’s more like an evil version of Lenny from “Of Mice And Men”, with hints of the greedy landlord stock character.


Recycling, growth, learning II.

…whereas the main riff in VARJOAALTOJA is also a very short passage from another piece of music, not found in kongano.

I liked the short bit so much that I wanted to base a whole tune around it.

This method is certainly not creating new in the purest sense of the word. But hey, it gets things done. And sometimes it’s refreshing to work while wearing your composers socks.

Recycling, growth, learning.

Two years of kongano has taught me many, many things. For example:

– Write every idea down. “Surely I remember this one.” No, you don’t. Write it down now!
– You don’t have to wear your composers hat when composing. (Not to be taken literally)
– Coffee & muesli are great snacks, but not when mixed together

Words of wisdom.

Above all, I’d say, is recycling: Whether it’s a nice beat, pleasing sounds, some technical idea, state of mind or whatever, I am entitled to use my stuff in a whole new context.

CRANCK is rock music. More indie than heavy but pretty rattling nonetheless. Check it out.

Its A-part is also a part of another tune, located apart from kongano…


Every once in a while a piece of music somehow gets buried in my “all ready”-folder, just to see several other tunes get published before it. It’s not like these songs are worse than others, absolutely not! I love all my children equally.

Sometimes I just forget stuff. Bummer.

Anyway, MAXIMUM SPARKLES was such an unfortunate one.

But it’s here now. Praise the monday!

Nice soloing, dude. Me.

Post-Halloween cooling-off music.

And then we got something that was originally intended to be the Halloween tune of the year, until I decided to make a more appropriate one (see last weeks post).

The scariness in IRON PEACE comes from steel, battles and overall bleak atmosphere. Sword & sorcery, heck yeah, and more like sword & coonskin cap than sword & sandal.

Also three hurrahs for misheard lyrics.

A proper halloween update, right on time.

Well, well. This year we hit the exact date to post some Halloween music.

REVENGE OF THE CURSE sure got haunting harpsichord, suspenseful stick and theremin of terror, but otherwise the tune is scary in a saturday morning cartoons sort of way.

This post sure comes a bit late for people to use it for halloweenish purposes. But hey, it’s not like Halloween doesn’t make a reunion next year.

Hmm, maybe I should plan my postings more carefully with a calendar? Or should I not? Stay or go?

Hey, I believe christmas is on it’s way.


The second birthday update.

Has it really been two years since I pressed the big button of the internets, and launched kongano?

Yes it has, and it feels like it was two years ago.

Now I’m putting a party hat on and have a cup of muesli.

About the superextradelicious song of today: ENTRY OF THE MORTALS is the name and some sort of a fanfare’s the game.

Party on Spartacus, party on me!

Break is over. Back to work.

The quattro stagioni of the week of the shorts.

Time for the fourth once in while-nual representation of short tunes!

We’ve got:

“Boredom dressed in blue”, which is not very exciting work, muscially speaking. It’s supposed to be like standing in a queue. Stare down. Check your phone. What’s that smell? Check your phone. Quiet desperation.

“Second to last boss” was an accident. It was originally a sound test for a different tune. And as you can tell, it’s video game music in it’s chiptune glory.

“Small yay” is something I like to call “orchestral comical entertainment music”. I think it sums it up nicely. Silly melody with, well, not much more.

Au naturel, these tunes can be found in SHORTS.